Using Your RV Oven

Using your RV oven may seem intimidating, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done! If you love to bake or cook there is no reason you shouldn’t bring your skills into your RV kitchen. With just a few simple adjustments you’ll have results that are so delicious, nobody will ever believe it came straight from your RV oven.

RV ovens are usually much smaller than the average household oven. Before you begin cooking, you should measure the inside of your oven to ensure you have the appropriate size pans to fit inside.

The smaller the oven the less air circulation, which can create hot and cold spots and lead to an uneven bake. Another common problem with small ovens is that your food may burn because it is too close to the burner.

A pizza stone can solve these problems! The stone moderates the heat from the burner to prevent your food from burning. The further the pizza stone is from the burner, the more air circulation inside your oven, and the more even your bake. The pizza stone also helps to add a thermal mass, so your oven temperature does not swing high and low while the RV burner cycles.

But beware, the pizza stone does get HOT! While this can be great for searing pizza, meat, or veggies, cookies and biscuits may come out with blackened bottoms. To prevent this, you can use an insulated cookie sheet or two sheet pans together on top of the stone. Turning your pan 180 degrees halfway through the cook time will help it cook evenly.

Preheating your oven to the proper temperature before placing your bake inside is very important! Unfortunately, many RV ovens do not tell you when they are finished preheating, so it can be tough to know when your oven has reached the temperature you need.

You can use an analog oven thermometer or an instant read thermometer to check the oven temperature is just right.

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