Pro’s and Con’s to Full Time RV Living

More and more people today are choosing to live full time in their RV, and for good reason! RV living gives you the ultimate freedom to travel with all the comforts of home, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. Keep reading to find out the pro’s and con’s to RV living!

Pro –

Mobility and Freedom

Living in an RV gives you the ability to travel anywhere you’d like, and stay as long as you’d like, without leaving any of the comforts of your home.

An RV allows you to travel without having to leave your pets at home, and you get to sleep in your own bed, and even cook in your own kitchen!

Another RV living PRO is the financial freedom it can offer.

If you live in your RV you won’t need to pay for rent or a mortgage. Your main costs will be campground reservations, and fuel, which can be cut down as needed by moving less frequently, or boondocking! Living in your RV can help you save money!

Con –


It can be very difficult to find a regular routine when you live in an RV. It is critical that you are organized and have campgrounds booked well ahead of time, and also have backup plans in the event that you arrive at your destination and your RV doesn’t fit the site, or the campground is full.

As well as being prepared for unpredictable events once you arrive at your destination, you must also be prepared to handle unpredictable situations on the journey to your destination. Blowouts, breakdowns, and road closures can all affect your journey, and you must be prepared with a plan in case this happens.

Regular maintenance and upkeep will help prevent accidents from happening with your RV while you are on the road.

Weather can be another factor in the unpredictability of RVing. People who live in an RV should have a safety plan for floods, tornados, hurricanes, and thunderstorms

Con –

Lack Of Service

When you are on the road it can sometimes be difficult to find good cell service. This can make it hard to stay connected or get work done. Thankfully, the creation of Starlink has solved this problem for full time RVers!

Pro –

Work with a view!

Imagine shutting your laptop after a long day of work, and then opening your door to the vast wilderness and heading out to explore. Or laying in a hammock between two trees during your lunch break. With RV’s designed for working on the road with built in desks and workspaces, working from your RV is even more enjoyable than ever! And the best part? You can say goodbye to the daily work commute!

Con –

No Community Services, Or Delivery Address

When you live life on the road, you will not have the comfort of having a local “go to” hairdresser, mechanic, doctor, or veterinarian. You’ll have to learn how to research businesses ahead of time to find your best option, and organize appointments to fit your travel plans.

Additionally, ordering something from Amazon will also become a more difficult task without a permanent home address, as well as receiving important mail.

Con –

Less Space

Pro –

Less Space!

Whether you are in a Class B Van or an enormous 5th Wheel, you will have less space than a house or apartment. This means you will have to learn how to be a bit of a minimalist! Organization and storage hacks are the key to fitting all of your items inside an RV.

Full time RVers report that they actually prefer the minimalist lifestyle they have had to adapt while RV living. Living in an RV forces you to cut emotional ties with materialist items, and purchase less unnecessary things. This helps you appreciate what you have, live a more organized, uncluttered life, as well as save money!

Pro –

No House Chores Or Yard Work!

Since you have significantly less space in an RV than you would a house, this means you have less to clean and upkeep! Not only are you minimizing the amount of time you will spend cleaning your living space, but full time RVers always have the best backyard, without ever having to participate in yard work. Whether you enjoy the gardens and ammendies at a private campground, or the rustic wilderness of a provincial park, either way, you can enjoy your backyard without ever having to pull weeds, plant seeds, or do any work.

Con –


The Bugs Blog

Camping with bugs is pretty much a guarantee! Be prepared with these tips and tricks for every kind of crawler, biter or flyer.

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Pro –

Wildlife In Your Backyard

Pro –

Quality Time With Family

Living in the smaller space of an RV forces everyone living inside it to co-exist. There are no separate bedrooms for each person to isolate themselves into like a normal household, and being on the road and out of service forces family members to look up from their screens and communicate face to face.

When you are living in an RV the opportunities for travel and adventure are endless, and that means lots of quality time exploring with your family!

RV living puts you a lot closer to nature than the average household, leading to a more active, healthy, and happier lifestyle. Although it can come with its challenges, there is no doubt living together in an RV leads to relationship growth and more quality time together.

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