Severe Weather RV Safety Tips

One of the many perks of camping is the ability to camp all year round. However, it is also very important to be prepared for the possibility that you will be RVing in severe weather the seasons may bring.

Be Prepared!

Before you leave download multiple weather apps. Make sure they are set to alert you in case of upcoming severe weather conditions such as blizzards, thunderstorms, high winds, or even tornados, depending on where you are camping!

Make sure your RV insurance is adequate. If it’s going to be wet weather try to book a campground with a gravel campsite rather than dirt to avoid a muddy trip.

A portable NOAA radio is a great item to have to get live updates of the weather and natural emergencies. This way, you don’t have to depend on your cell phone’s service or battery life.

You should also have a stash of batteries, headlights or flashlights, and a portable charger inside your RV just in case.

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In A Storm

Never try to outrun a storm last minute. It may end up with you being caught without shelter on the road.

An RV is not a safe place to wait out a storm because high winds could topple your rig. When you arrive at your campground scout out a possible shelter, such as a concrete bathroom. Follow this list if the weather takes a turn.

High Winds

  • Put away camping chairs, mats, and outdoor items.
  • Retract awning(s)
  • Close windows
  • Lock exterior storage doors


  • Unplug electronics (TV, coffee pots, computers)
  • Do not touch plumbing or metal
  • Avoid running water (dishes, showering, etc)

Winter Packing List

  • Winter tires
  • Tire chains
  • Check tire pressure
  • Extra fuel
  • Extra blankets
  • Generator

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