Working From Your RV

For many, becoming a full-time RVer is only possible if they can continue to work and bring in an income. While there are many opportunities for working from your RV, it is not always easy to manage life on the road and work at the same time.

Luckily, working on the road in this day and age is probably the easiest it has ever been. Access to the Internet can be found nearly everywhere, mobile phone service is abundant, and more location-independent job positions are available.

Here are our tips for working and living full time in an RV!

Have A Dedicated Workspace

Workspace inside an RV to work remotely from

Focusing on your work can be a hard task in an RV. Having a dedicated workspace to work in peace and comfort will significantly help. When everything around you is constantly changing, having a space where you know you can work is important.

While it can be tempting to simply work from your comfy bed inside your RV, studies have proven working from the bed lowers productivity and can lead to physical issues related to poor posture. Try converting the dining area or a spare bunk room in your RV into a temporary workspace. Use a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to reduce wires and clutter.

Eliminate distractions before attempting any work! Establish boundaries with anyone you are sharing the RV space with to ensure you can work in a quiet environment.

Work Ahead

Plan ahead and take advantage of extra downtime to get work done in advance. Not only will it save stress and headaches, but it could also free up more time for fun down the road.

man working from his RV

Always check that the campground you are heading to offers Wi-Fi. But remember, just because they might have Wi-Fi, does not mean the signal will be strong enough to complete your work. Never count on campground Wi-Fi! Many full time RVers purchase a data plan, or a antenna signal booster. Wi-Fi boosters for your RV are also available! To be extra safe, you should map out nearby cafes or libraries that offer free Wi-Fi nearby.

motorhome travelling to next campground

Travel Slowly

Arrange your schedule so that you stay at campgrounds longer, giving you lots of time to explore the area without cutting into your workload.

Avoid working on days you are traveling. Packing up a campsite and setting out on the road to your next campground is a big job. Even if you are moving to a campground that is just a few minutes away, there is still a lot of work to be done.

Create a Schedule And Plan Ahead

man working on his laptop while camping at a campground with his motorhome RV

Work with the area you are in to create your schedule. If you are camping in Arizona in the middle of summer, get up early for that hike! Save the afternoon to work from the comfort of your air-conditioned RV, while the heat is at its worst.

Use a planner or an online tool to help stay organized. Write down any meetings or deadlines you can’t forget, set aside time to complete work, and schedule days off for traveling and exploring.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

RVs are purchased for the purpose of having fun and creating wonderful memories. Even while you are working on the road always remember the reason you are in your RV and keep on adventuring!

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