RV Buying Guide

If the RV lifestyle appeals to you, it might be time to start shopping! Understanding where to start and what to look for in your dream RV can be the most overwhelming part, so here is our guide on RV shopping!

Have A Budget In Mind

Before you begin browsing RV’s, have a spending budget in mind. RV prices have a wide range and without a budget, you may waste time looking at something you can’t afford without even realizing it. If you are thinking about financing, know what your credit score is and how much you can afford in payments each month!

Have a RV Type In Mind

There are many different types of RV’s, so ask yourself these questions before you embark on your RV purchase mission –

  • When and where will I use my RV?
  • Who will use my RV with me?
  • Towable or Motorized?
    • Do I have a tow vehicle, and what is the towing capacity?
  • Where will I keep my RV?
  • What features do I need?
  • What features do I want?

What Kind Of Camper Are You?

Are you a solo adventurist wanting to get off grid and do some boondock camping? Or do you have a partner and children who are eager to explore local campgrounds? Or perhaps you’ve recently retired, and are planning to use your savings to tour the countryside in a luxurious Class A. Whatever your lifestyle may be, there is a perfect RV type for you!

Having a rough idea where you will use your RV, and how many people will sleep in it will help narrow down the search. If you want to camp with your family at a local campground, consider something mid size with a bunkhouse! If you wish to escape into isolation off the beaten path, then a compact teardrop trailer might be more your style.

Towable or Motorized?

If you have a vehicle that is capable of towing, then either are options to you! First, determine how much weight your vehicle can safely tow with our towing guide. SUV owners may be limited to teardrop and lightweight trailers, whereas truck owners have the ability to tow larger Travel Trailers or Fifth Wheels, or even hold Truck Campers!

A motorized RV comes with its own set of perks, and even those who own a capable tow vehicle might want to consider a motorhome! The ability to have everything in one vehicle makes it incredibly easy to just pack up and hit the road.

Where will I keep my RV?

It is important to care for your RV after purchase to ensure it continues to look and perform at its best.

Without a good place to store your RV, upkeep and maintenance will be almost impossible. The amount of storage space you have available is another factor that determines what RV size you can shop for.

What features do you need?

While you are picturing yourself and your RV lifestyle, wherever you are and whoever you are with, think about what features you need to achieve that vision. If you see yourself outside most of the time, consider an outdoor kitchen, or if you often camp with large groups an outdoor entertainment system might be perfect for you! If you plan to move campsites frequently, maybe a motorized RV would be better than a towable, and if you want to bring along an ATV, bikes, golf carts or anything else along those lines you know you’ll need a Toy Hauler! Things like the kitchen, amount of beds, and storage space are all necessities you should sort out before you begin shopping.

What Features do you want?

And finally, the last question you should ask yourself, what features do you want? You are shopping for your dream RV after all, so dream big! You may find out which luxurious amenities you wish for as you shop and walk through different RV’s, each manufacturer has their own key features and unique designs!

Brinkley RV includes a Pantry with adjustable shelving and a built in spice rack for those who love to cook! They have also included a built in pet dish for pet owners, and a bench ottoman that converts into a workspace on the go!

airstream rangeline class b

Airstream’s Class B Rangeline Motorhome has a few pet friendly features, such as the built in pet dishes and leash tether built into the running boards of the van. The rear bed lifts up to offer a garage underneath!

airstream rangeline class b
airstream rangeline class b

Do you want to camp during the colder seasons in comfort? Heated holding tanks and solar panels are two features you should look for in your next RV!

solar panel for off grid rv camping
large rv bathroom

RV bathrooms can be quite luxurious! Large walk in showers and twin sinks are just a few of the amenities you may chose to look for in your next RV!

desk space inside an rv for working away from home on the road rv work life

Front bedroom windows are a beautiful addition to the master bedroom.

If you plan to work while on the road you may want to find a floorplan that includes an office or work station.

If you plan to RV for long periods of time, or live in one full time you will want to look for an RV that has washer & dryer prep!

washer and dryer prep in rv for full time rv living

Are you ready to begin the search for your dream rV? Visit one of our traveland dealerships and meet our team!

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