What is the Best RV for You

RVs are great for taking your camping adventures to the next level. But which type will suit your family the best? We have summarized the characteristics of different RV types so that you can easily find the right one for you!


Motorhomes are motorized RVs that have the distinct advantage of being self-contained and being simple to set up at your campsite. They also provide unparalleled comfort and spaciousness and are often used as people’s homes. There are three classes of motorhomes on the market:

Class A

Class A motorhomes are the largest of the three classes and are built on heavy-duty chassis. There are a near limitless array of options and floor plans available. These motorhomes offer the utmost amount of luxury available on the road!

Class B

Class B motorhomes are smaller and easier to drive and store than Class A. They often look similar to a van and are often referred to as van conversions or camper vans. These motorhomes tend to sleep a smaller amount of people, and are popular for couples or single travelers!

Class C

Class C motorhomes are the perfect middle ground between Class As and Class Bs. They also look similar to a van but can be distinctly recognized by their cab-over sleeping area. These units are spacious and comfortable enough to accommodate the whole family

Travel Trailers

Travel Trailers come in a host of sizes and styles. Plus, they offer an extensive array of amenities and floor plans to choose from.

A huge advantage of travel trailers is that you can tow them with a variety of different vehicles. From a 4-cylinder vehicle to a half-ton truck, depending on the trailer’s size and weight.

There are many different types of travel trailers on the market that you can choose from. Each different type of travel trailer offers different options and amenities.

Classic Travel Trailer

The classic Travel Trailer is towed by a bumper pull hitch that is compatible with virtually any type of vehicle.​

Classics range in length from 13 feet to 41 feet depending on the number of people you want to accommodate. Longer trailers may feature a loft, a private bunk room, or multiple bathrooms.

Some Travel Trailers have slides to allow for more interior space once you’ve arrived at your campsite, and may even feature an outdoor kitchen or entertainment system.

Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer

These particular Travel Trailers can only be towed by a fifth wheel hitch located in the bed of a pickup truck. Towing a Fifth Wheel requires a little more practice to get used to, but should not be much more difficult to tow than a regular bumper-pull Travel Trailer.

These can be parked and used for full-time living. But if you plan to tow it and travel, you’ll need a truck capable of towing the weight. If you do have the vehicle, great! You can now enjoy all of the added space a Fifth Wheel offers.

Most Fifth Wheels have a master bedroom in the upper gooseneck of the trailer, but there is an infinite range of different floorplans that will fit exactly what you are searching for.

Teardrop Travel Trailer

Teardrop Travel Trailers are the best RV for a single person or a couple who are looking to get out and start exploring.

They are extremely tough, lightweight and easy to tow, making them the perfect trailer for campers who don’t own a vehicle capable of towing a heavy load. Or for people who love to explore and make their own campsite off the grid.

They may look small, but you’ll be surprised how well they are designed to store everything you may need! Some teardrop trailers even feature a full outdoor kitchen to offer as much room inside as possible.

Toy Haulers

Toy Haulers are similar to the classic travel trailer or fifth wheel. The main difference is that a Toy Hauler is equipped with a dedicated cargo area so that you can bring along any outdoor recreational toys you’d like, from canoes, bikes, or​ ATVs.

It can come in Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers and Travel Trailer Toy Haulers, and range in size and length. Some may come with their own enclosed fuel station and high-capacity water pump. Some have an insulated garage, or the ability to convert the rear ramp into a fully functioning deck.

Toy Haulers sometimes have bunks that can be raised and lowered for added sleeping space once you have arrived at your campsite.

Pop Up Tent Trailer

Tent Trailers can be collapsed for easy storage and transport and pops up when you arrive at your campsite.

Because they do not have hard sides they are very lightweight, and most vehicles should have no trouble towing them.

Some campsites allow Tent Trailer owners to camp on a tent site, which many allow you more flexibility when you are booking your campsite.

Truck Campers

Truck campers are NOT a travel trailer, in fact, they aren’t a trailer at all! They are designed to sit in the box of a pickup truck, with the bed across the top of the cab.

This option completely eliminates the stress of towing, while also leaving you the ability to tow other things along with you on your trip. They also have no wheels or engine, and therefore require less maintenance than any other type of Travel Trailers.

Finding the best RV that will suit the needs of you and your family can seem daunting at the start, but once you know what’s available, you will be able to choose the perfect one with ease!

If you have any questions about our inventory and RV styles, reach out to our team!

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