DIY Halloween Decorations!

Have some fun this Halloween season with these spooky, creative, and simple DIY decorations! These decorations are so easy to make that your kids will love them, and you can get everything you need right from the dollar store! They are perfect for decorating the interior and exterior of your RV or your home this October!

Step 1 – Raid Your Local Dollar Store!

Visit a dollar store to collect all of the supplies you may need! Here are some items we recommend for our DIY decorations below

Spooky Skeleton Hands


  • Mason Jar
  • White latex gloves
  • Sharpie
  • Flameless LED tea lights

Use a sharpie to draw bones onto the gloves, and make sure to color them in to make the lines thick and dark. Next, stretch the opening of the glove over the bottom of a mason jar and blow some air into the glove to make it stand up. Finally, place the mason jar over an LED tea light candle to light them up!

Ghost Candles

ghost candles

📷 Thoughtfully Simple


  • White candles
  • Sharpie

Purchase tall white candles, and draw different ghost faces using a Sharpie!

Bleeding Candles

Bleeding candle spooky Halloween


  • White candles
  • Red crayon

Melt a red crayon onto the top of a white candle to make it look like it is bleeding!

Spooky Jars


  • Mason Jars
  • Glow Sticks or Tea Lights
  • Plastic eyeballs
  • Plastic spiders
  • Dish soap or food coloring

These spooky Halloween jars are super simple to make! Gather as many supplies as you’d like and unleash your creativity with an awesome spooky design!

You can use cotton balls and tea lights to illuminate your spider nest, or water, dish soap, food coloring and some glow sticks to mix up a potion.

spooky diy Halloween jars
spooky diy Halloween jars

Glowing Eyes


  • Paper towel or toilet roll
  • Glow sticks
  • Duct tape

Cut eyes out of an old toilet paper or paper towel roll, then fill with glow sticks and cover the ends with duct tape to keep everything inside!

Place the rolls in bushes and trees outside of your house to scare your neighbors during Halloween.

Haunted Dolls

If you have kids who have a ton of dolls, it might be time to consider giving a few of them a spooky Halloween makeover.

Use spray paint, scissors, fake blood, face paint and more to give the dolls pale skin, a new hairstyle, and tattered, bloody clothes!

We hope you find these decorations simple and fun to create, and have a spook-tacular Halloween!

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