Canadian Hot Springs

Western Canada is scattered with stunning natural hot springs waiting to be discovered! Read our guide to hot springs and start planning your next camping adventure!

Hot Springs On Vancouver Island

Hot Springs Cove

Located on Maquinna Provincial Park, about 50 km northwest of Tofino, these Hot Springs are only reachable by a 1.5 hour boat ride, or a 20 minute seaplane flight. Once visitors arrive, they set off down a 1.5km boardwalk trail that leads them to the springs through an old forest.

📸 Tofino Resort and Marina

Ahousat Hot Springs

Located on the south side of Flores Island within Gibson Marine Park, Ahousat Hot Springs are far less popular than the Hot Springs Cove. Only reachable by boat or sea plane, the park also offers a 10 KM boardwalk to explore.

Hot Springs On BC’s Mainland

Clear Creek Hotsprings

Clear Creek Hot Springs are located in East Harrison BC, at the highest point of the Clear Creek FSR. You’ll need a high clearance, 4×4 vehicle to reach here, and snow tires and chains in the winter.

Sloquet Hot Springs

Located about 2 hours from Pemberton, BC, Sloquet Hot Springs require a 4×4, high clearance vehicle to be reached. Visitors from the north will access the springs via the in-SHUCK-ch Forest Service Road.

Aiyansh Hot Springs

Surrounded by Nisga’a Memorial Lava Bed Provincial Park, visitors must hike a short but steep and slippery path to reach the Hot Springs. These hot springs do require reservations and charge a small fee to visitors.

Lussier Hot Springs

These springs are accessible by the Whiteswan Forestry Road and are only a short 5 minute walk from the parking lot! Lussier Hot Springs are free, easily accessible year round, and often quite busy – So get there early!

Pitt River Hot Springs

Those searching for a true adventure can check out Pitt River Hot Springs. Only accessible by boat or plane, the journey is just as important as the destination for this trip! Visitors will begin their journey at Grand Narrows Regional Park, where they can launch their canoe or kayak. Paddling can take up to 6-8 hours, so it may be preferable to pay for a water taxi over instead. Once you have reached the southern end of the lake, follow the road that leads directly to the logging facility. This is where you will require a bike. The road is fairly flat, and the average cyclist takes about 2-3 hours to reach the hot springs. There are signs to tell you how far you have travelled, and just past the 21km marker next to the bridge will be a trailhead, and a short 5 minute hike down that takes you to the hot springs. The final part of the hike requires rappelling down a vertical descent of 30′ of rockface. Visitors to these springs must be fit, well organized, and prepared in order to reach this oasis!

Keyhole Hot Springs

For a fun winter adventure, visit Keyhole Hot Springs! Closed March 1 – November 15 every year to protect the grizzly bear population, Keyhole Hot Springs lays along the Lillooet river. Visitors will drive a long gravel road and then embark on a short hike!

Halfway Hot Springs

Located between Naksup and Revelstoke along the Halfway River, these hot springs require a 4×4 vehicle to be reached. The forest service road is poorly maintained, and once complete, visitors will walk a steep, 1 km path down a steep embankment to the soaking pools.

Liard River Hot Springs

For Alaskan travelers, Liard River is a must stop destination! As Canada’s second largest hot spring, the Alpha Pool is open to the public year round. Visitors will walk along a boardwalk through boreal woodland to reach the hot spring pools.

Hot Spring Resorts in BC

Nakusp Hot Springs

Within the Kuskanax valley lies Nakusp Hot Springs. These clean, clear soaking pools include about 200,000 liters of fresh, filtered water flowing through them each day. They even offer an RV campground just minutes away from the hot springs!

Ainsworth Hot Springs

Located in the heart of the Kootenay Mountain Range, Ainsworth Hot Springs includes a 27,000 gallon hot pool containing the natural mineral water from Hot Springs, a spa, cold plunge stream, and even a 150 foot horseshoe cave guests can swim through!

halcyon hot springs resort bc

Halcyon Hot Springs Resort

Overlooking the gorgerous waterfront of Upper Arrow Lake, visitors can soak in the warm waters at Halcyon Hot Spring Resort, cool off in the cold plunge, swim in the seasonal mineral pool, or take children down to enjoy their splash park!

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort

Visit Canada’s largest natural hot springs here, with over 1.2 million gallons of fresh mineral water flowing through their pools daily. They also offer a stunning RV resort!

Harrison Hot Springs Resort

Located in Harrison, BC, the resort includes 5 pools for guests to enjoy! There is an indoor pool, a second indoor hot pool, and three separate outdoor pools!

Hot Springs in Alberta

banff upper hot springs resort

Banff Upper Hot Springs

Banff Upper Hot Springs sits at the highest elevation of any other hot spring in Canada. The water in the Banff Upper Hot Springs is heated geothermally, bubbling up to the surface from three kilometers into the earth’s crust.

Mist Mountain Hot Springs

One of the only undeveloped hot spring in Southern Alberta is Mist Mountain Hot Springs. The most challenging part of finding these springs is first finding the trailhead. Use GPS coordinates to find the exact spot and then follow the well worn trail for about 4km. This trail is closed between December and June

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