Lance Truck Campers

Since 1965 Lance has been building America’s most popular truck campers. Many of them still on the road – a true testament to the company’s philosophy that Quality Comes First.

Lance Quality

 Manufacturing methods such as the use of LanceLock™, Azdel™, Euro-Ply™ and the removal of Mercury and Formaldehyde are just a few examples of the advanced practices and materials that contribute to Lances high quality, eco-friendly, toxin-free, and long lasting RVs.

lance truck campers from traveland rv canada

Euro Lite

Interiors are constructed using Euro-Lite which Lance imports from Europe. Euro-Lite does cost more, but is both lighter and stronger than other wood products. For these same reasons, this same wood is also the preferred material used by many corporate jet manufacturers. Incorporating both tongue and groove and dovetail construction, provides durability and beauty.


Lance was one of the first RV companies to truly incorporate CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines in the manufacturing process. Lance has continued to invest in new CNC machines that offer the latest in technology. Quite simply, CNC machines allow unmatched precise and repeatable cutting of a variety of materials that go into the building of their RV’s, taking this impossible burden off the production staff.

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