Must Have Items For RV Pets!

For many people, RVing and camping is a family activity, and this often includes the 4 legged, furry family members too! To ensure that both you and your pets enjoy the RV lifestyle to the fullest extent, we have compiled a list of items and accessories that your pet will thank you for!

Dogs and other pets can be avid campers and often love to come along on your RV adventures with you. However, it is very important to be a responsible and mindful pet owner if you plan to bring them camping, for the safety and benefit of your pet and other campers. Check out our blog post to learn how to know if your dog is ready to come camping, how to prepare your pet for RV living, and everything else you may need to know before camping with a cat or dog!

Accessories for Your Pet Friendly RV

Pets will contribute to wear and tear on your RV, so take precaution to protect your unit by purchasing some of these items!

Non-Slip Rugs and Mats

Adding rugs to your RV interior will help stop your dogs paws from slipping and sliding on your RV floor. Dog paw wax is another good method to prevent your pooch from slipping inside your RV, but a rug also provides protection for the RV floor itself, as well as catches any dirt and mud that gets tracked in.

Pet Monitoring Camera

If you plan to leave your pet inside your RV for long periods of time, then it might just be a better idea to leave them at home. Leaving pets unattended inside the RV is not advised, and can result in injury to your pet or damage to your RV. If you do have to leave your pet inside alone, always leave a note on the outside of the door telling people how many animals are inside in case of emergency. Purchasing a pet monitoring camera allows you to watch your pet while you are away from them in case of an accident. Some cameras even play music or white noise to dampen noises from outside of the RV, or even dispense treats!

Collapsible Kennel and Outdoor Playpen

Bringing a kennel along is always a good idea. If you leave your dog unattended inside your RV, you may want to put them into a kennel to prevent them from damaging the interior of your RV.

You can also put them in a kennel during the drive for safety. Your pet should never travel in the RV, only in the tow vehicle cab with you. An outdoor playpen is a great way to have your pets relax outside with you while still keeping them close by.

📸 Melissa H

Doggy Ramp or Steps

For smaller family members who may have trouble getting up onto furniture!

Hand Held Vacuum

A mini hand held vacuum is perfect for vacuuming pet hair off of your RV furniture!

The MudBuster

This small and portable paw cleaner is the perfect tool to easily wipe away any dirt or mud from your pooches paws!

Elevated Dog Bed

An elevated dog bed allows air to circulate under your pet to help keep them cooler. It also prevents the bottom of the bed from getting covered in mud and dirt, so you can move it in or out of your RV as you please!

Some dogs Simply prefer their own camping chair!

📸 Amber S
📸 Danielle H
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Doggy Life Jacket

If you are camping close to water and planning to participate in water activities, purchase a life jacket for your pet so they can enjoy the water with you!

Light Up Collar

A light up collar is a fashionable, fun accessory for your pet! They come in a variety of colors and will make spotting your pet at night very easy.

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