All About Keystone RV

In 1996, Cole Davis founded Keystone RV with a goal to design quality RV’s loaded with features that would bring exceptional value to its owners.

Today, Keystone has over 5,000 team members and over one million square feet of manufacturing in Indiana and Oregon, and it has become North Americas #1 manufacture of towable RV’s.

Keystone Product Quality and Innovation Lab

Keystone RV holds its team to high manufacturing standards to ensure their customers a quality product. Any team member has the ability to stop the manufacturing line if they have a concern, and all RV’s must pass several inspections before they can be approved for sale.

The Keystone Innovation Lab hosts a team of research and development engineers who are constantly creating and setting new standards for performance, comfort, and safety. Below are just a few Keystone features that set them apart from the competition!


Blade Pure removes 50% of 1-3 micron particles, such as dust, mites, pet dander, pollen, mold, and auto fumes to ensure you are breathing clean, safe air! Keystone re-engineered RV ductwork and vent systems when they designed their Blade Air Flow system, resulting in an average of 20% more cooling power!

Watch this side by side sound comparison to see just how quiet the Coleman-Mach Quiet Series is!


Keystone went against RV norms by designing their alternative to traditional wood flooring construction.

HyperDeck is made with 100% inorganic materials and it is designed to resist water damage. This makes HyperDeck flooring much less likely to degrade over time than wood floors. HyperDeck uses lightweight fiberglass reinforced polypropylene layers to increase strength and resist soft spots, all while reducing an RV’s floor weight by up to 25% for easier towing!


Compared to conventional RV wiring, Keystone uses EXCLUSIVE color coded 12V wiring. This brilliant system makes it easy for RV service techs to complete repairs easily and quickly. The clearly labelled wiring can even help savvy owners perform a DIY diagnosis or repair themselves, saving time and money!


Hooking up your fifth wheel has never been more simple, thanks to Keystones “Hitch Vision.” Hitch Vision refers to the reflective, mirrorlike surface that is angled so the trucks hitch and the fifth wheel pin can be seen by the driver.

Keystones exclusive MaxTurn Technology allows fifth wheel owners 8 extra inches of a turning radius, that’s more than 95 degrees! Using one bent tube, rather than a traditional welded three piece frame, MaxTurn Technology eliminates the need for a swivel hitch pin, and protects your tow vehicle from accidental damage.

Keystone also improved the chassis of their fifth wheels. They eliminated potential failure in welded areas by using rolled 1-peice I-beams, and they replaced traditional welded rod and angle construction with lighter, stamped steel crossmembers. Click here to learn about how Keystone improved their fifth wheel chassis design!


This smart-home system makes it easy for Keystone owners to control and monitor many of their RV’s functions from anywhere in the world using Wi-Fi and cellular data connections, which every Keystone model is prepped for! IN-Command successfully streamlines controls for lights, slides, water heater, HVAC systems, awnings, and more with a clean, easy-to-use touchpad and a smartphone app.

Click here to view our Keystone inventory on our website!

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