Solar Panel Tips for Your RV

It’s an investment to convert to solar powering your RV. However, when all is said and done, it’s free energy in your pocket! For folks who like to camp in the backcountry, or just avid RVers looking for ways to minimize their energy consumption, a solar panel is well worth the investment. All you need is a little bit of sun and an open road.

There are so many options when it comes to solar powering your RV. Where do you even begin? Right here.

Solar Panel Benefits

Sense of Comfort

A great benefit to having solar panels for your RV is if you are planning on traveling a long distance without stopping, you have backup power in case of emergencies. From roadblocks to bad weather to changing plans, it’s great to have options of heat and power in unstable scenarios.

Greener Earth

Using solar panels rather than generators or other fuel-powered options means absolutely zero emissions from your power. Plus, you aren’t spending money on fuel! Make that big star in the sky work for you.

Peace and Quiet

Speaking of generators, nothing spoils the beautiful, natural music of the outdoors faster than the growl of motors going. Solar panels are quietly doing the same thing while you enjoy the sounds of birdsong and running water.

Check out the video below for a quick preview and overview of a recent solar panel installation done at Traveland Langley.

Is a Solar Panel Right for You?

Consider your daily use: will you need to power electronics like laptops and televisions, or do you spend most of your time outside? Will you use shore power at all, or do you want to be entirely self-sufficient?

We can help you calculate exactly the power you need to meet your energy requirements.

Consider Compatibility

You may need to buy a power inverter to provide energy to your standard appliances depending on the difference in voltage between your batteries and electronics. This will avoid overloading any (or all) of your appliances with solar panel energy. We can help you with the compatibility at any of our dealerships.

Connecting to Shore Power

In the same way, you want to check that your solar system is compatible with your appliances, also purchase an inverter that allows your battery to charge onshore power if needed. This is a good idea if you don’t plan on using it often! If your RV is equipped for shore power, you will always have a backup in case something goes wrong with your system.

About Solar Panels

Solar Panel Options

Here are our current options for top-quality solar panels, great for your RV. Please note these are not always available to every location.

• 120W Portable Solar Panel
80W Solar Charging Kit and Expansion Kit
100W Portable Solar Panel Kit
165W Solar Charging Kit and Expansion Kit
200W Solar Panel Kit and Expansion Kit
100W Solar Panel Kit and Expansion Kit
150W Solar Panel Kit and Expansion Kit
90W Solar Panel Kit
135W Solar Panel Kit

Solar Panel Batteries

No matter the size of your solar system, it will require a battery. The battery packs the real strength when collecting energy from the sun. Many suggest installing a battery large enough that you could survive for 3-4 days without having to recharge, just in case you hit a bad batch of days. Ask us to direct you to the best option for your energy needs.

Solar Panel Controllers

Protect the system you’ve worked so hard to set up! A solar charge controller prevents you from overcharging your batteries. It regulates the power moving from the panels themselves to your battery storage.

Overcharging your batteries can affect the overall lifespan and performance of your batteries. Use a controller to avoid overworking those powerhouses!

There are many factors to consider when converting your RV to clean energy. Our Parts Department can guide you in getting all set up to go solar.

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