Camping Games For The Entire Family

Make your camping trip entertaining by adding some friendly competition with these camping games! These games are simple to set up and will entertain your kids for hours.

Outdoor Twister

What you need

  • Red, blue, yellow and green spray paint
  • Circle stencil
  • Twister spinner

Put a new spin on the classic Twister game! Use spray paint to make your own Twister mat outside. If you have a large group of people it is easy to add a few circles so everyone can play together.

outdoor twister camping game

Squirt Gun Races

What you need

  • Plastic cups
  • String
  • Squirt guns

Tie a string between two points and string up a plastic cup. Use a squirt gun to push the cup down the line. You can set up two equal lines for racing!

Glow In The Dark Bowling

What you need

  • Water bottles – bigger the better!
  • Glow sticks, at least one per bottle
  • Ball

Fill each bottle with water. Crack glowsticks and place inside each bottle. Arrange bottles into any formation and begin to bowl!

Glow In The Dark Ringtoss

What you need

  • Wooden dowels
  • Glow sticks
  • Rubber bands

Use rubber bands to attach a glow stick to each wooden dowel. Push dowels into ground and use the remaining glowsticks to create rings.

For an added challenge, give the dowels different colored glow sticks and aim to pair rings with dowels.

Frisbee Golf

What you need

  • Frisbees
  • Laundry baskets

The goal is to throw your frisbee and get it to land inside the basket in as little throws as possible. Use multiple baskets to create a course!

Water Balloons

Water balloons are a great way to cool down on a hot day, and have a lot of fun!

You can play Capture the Flag with water balloons, use laundry baskets to play Laundry Basket Catch, or just have a good old fashioned throw-down battle.

water balloons are a great item to bring on camping trips

Pool Noodles

Foam noodles can be bent and pushed into any shape you would like! Use wooden dowels to prop up pool noodles and use tape to bend the noodle into an “O” shape to create rings you can toss balls through, or create an agility course by laying them down.

You can use laundry bins and a beach ball to play pool noodle hockey, using the noodles as a hockey stick, beach ball as a puck, and laundry baskets as goals. You can use the same set up to play “chopsticks”, where you use two pool noodles to transport a beach balls into your laundry bin.

use pool noodles to create fun camping games

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